Sweet P’s Handcrafted Ice Pops now available at Dorothy Lane Market

As one of the area’s fastest-growing family-owned businesses, we are taking its sweet frozen treats to the freezer cases of Dayton’s beloved gourmet grocery chain.
Fans of Sweet P’s Handcrafted Ice Pops can now buy eight of the company’s most
popular flavors at all three Dorothy Lane Market locations. Cookies and Cream,
Blueberry Lavender, Strawberry, Orange Banana, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Lemonade, Coffee Latte and Coconut Water with Exotic Fruit can be purchased in packs of four at the Dorothy Lane Market stores in Oakwood, Washington Township and Springboro.

“Sweet P’s is all about creating the best ice pop flavors using fresh and local ingredients, and doing so with love,” said Sweet P’s general manager Danielle Edwards. “As we move into the grocery space, we are so excited to launch our 4-pack of ice pops in Dorothy Lane Market, a company that truly holds the highest standards in the grocery space and is a huge supporter of local brands.”

The Dorothy Lane Market deal is the largest to date for Sweet P’s, which was
established in 2010 as a booth in 2 nd Street Market. Since then, Sweet P’s has gained a devoted following for its flavorful array of ice pops created in small batches using real, fresh ingredients.

In addition to the 2nd Street Market location, the company now sells more than 300 ice pop flavors at festivals, sporting events and community gatherings, and offers catering and delivery services. Sweet P’s Handcrafted Ice Pops can also be purchased in individual packages at local small businesses and on the University of Dayton campus.

The Sweet P’s Handcrafted Ice Pops menu includes fruit-based, dairy-based and no-sugar added pops, with a preference for local and organic ingredients when possible. All ice pops are still made in-house at the company’s downtown Dayton location by the Sweet P’s Handcrafted Ice Pops team. “We hope that our ice pops will bring joy to many in this newest offering,” Edwards said.

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